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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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relationship mean for the future in the country. a miserable night nor peyton manning in atlanta as the broncos try to hang with the falcons. three interceptions for manning in t first quarter. the question is, what's up with peyton? it's way too early for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is way too early. the show that is surreptitiously recording this conversation. i'm glad you're up with us watching us on msnbc or listening live on sirius radio. you can e-mail me or tweet me at willie geist 1. or do tha julio jones does and tweet. the next 30 minutes will, of course, be a cram session for tuesday, september 18th. a lot to talk about today, including a vote by the teachers union that could end the strike in chicago and finally get those kids pack to school.
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plus, remember mitt romney as eminem? >> understand i am an exception. >> contraception. >> not a as a result you are. there will be influx. >> hispanic voters. >> if you don't believe. >> i tell you what, 10,000 bucks. they've given president obama the you can't touch this treatment. yes, hammer. that clip later in the show. first, though, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. 24 hours ago, on the same day mitt romney was trying to retool his message with more specifics about the economy, we were reporting to you a politico story about disarray in the campaign's inner circle. this morning, a videotape that could do much more damage than that politico piece. a video recorded surreptitiously and provided to the liberal magazine mother jones and obtained by nbc news shows romney speaking at a private fundraiser last may about the politics of the presidential campaign seeming to disparage
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47% of the american voting population. >> the next three years, all everybody has been talking, don't worry, we'll take care of them. how are we going do it two months before elections to convince everybody, you got to take care of yourself? >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right. there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon him, who believe that they're victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them. who believe that they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. it's entitlement. the government should give it to them. they will vote for this president no matter what. the president starts out with 48, 49, he starts off with a huge number. these are people who may no income tax. 47% of americans pay no income tax. our message of low taxes, doesn't connect. he'll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. i mean, that's what they sell every four years. so my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them that
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they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. i have to convince the 5 to 10% in the center that are independents, that are thoughtful, look at voting one way or the other dependent upon in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not. >> after the tape became public last night, the romney campaign called a news conference where he said the remarks were not well-stated but he stood by their core message. it's not elegantly stated. let me put it that way. i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state it more clearly in a more effective way thandie in a setting like that. so i'm sure i'll point that out as time goes on. we don't have the question given the snippet there given the full response. i hope the person who put out the video will put out the full material. it's a message which i'm going to carry and continue to carry, which is look, the president's approach is attractive to people
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who are not paying taxes because, frankly, my discussion about lowering taxes isn't as attractive as them. i'm not likely to draw them into my campaign as effectively as those in the middle. >> what assurances can you give to voters to people who fund your campaign, what you're sago owe. >> this is the same message that i give to people which is that we have a very different approach. the president and i, between a government dominated society and a society driven by free people pursuing their dreams. i'm talking about the process of campaigns. typically, i don't talk about process in speeches because i think candidate are wiser to talk about policy and their vision than to talk about how they're going to win an election at a fundraiser. you have people say governor, how are you going to win this? so i respond, well, the president has his group, i have my group. i want to keep my team strong and motivated and i want to get those people in the middle. that's something which
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fundraising people who are parting with their moneys are interested in knowing, can you wip or not. that's what this was addressing. the 47% figure in which he was referring are those who do not pay federal income tax. many paipai roll taxes. yesterday, team obama seized on this. it's shocking that a candidate for president of the united states would go behind closed doors and declare to a group of wealthy donors that half of the american people view themselves at victims entitled to handouts and unwilling to take personal responsibility for their lives. it's hard to serve as president for all americans when you've written off half the nation. that from the obama campaign. david corn of mother jones says more clips from that fundraiser will be released today. joining me now by phone, national affairs editor, msnbc political analyst and the co-author of the book game change, john heil man. good morning to you. >> good morning, willie, sir. >> how bad is this for mitt romney? >> caller: it's pretty bad on a
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scale of one to ten. its hard to take it out of context, willie. as you know, things have been -- for the last week if you think about the remarks on libya, the story in politico about campaign infighting. now this thing. although it's from a fundraiser earlier. it contributes in the sense that the campaign is coming unglued. it gives the obama campaign a powerful talking point. i think, look, people here, the quote in the tape where he says i'll never convince them, referring to the 47%, i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives, that sound condescending and contemptuous. there's an awful lot of senior citizens on medicare who aren't paying federal income taxes who won't like the sound of that. >> we came upon this same sort of thing when president obama was heard on tape at a san francisco fundraiser, another private setting recorded talking about working class people who were bitter and cling to
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religion and guns. compare that moment to this one. >> it was a bad moment for president obama and there's no doubt it was also -- had the same characteristics as you say. there was a condescension to it and dismissiveness to it. there is one fundamental difference. you look at that quote, in terms -- i'm not talking about the political implications, but the attitude of the candidate. when obama finished talking about those people, he was talking about how he was going to campaign for their votes, he was going to present himself as a candidate to those people. some would be more receptive, some less. he would have to go out and make his case. romney is making the absolute opposite argument which is i have nothing to say to those people. those people are lost to me. i have to write them off. that goes to the obama campaign's response, which is look, you got to be president of all americans, not just the ones who vote for you. you should be trying to appeal to all americans. if you win you have to be the president of all americans. >> the romney campaign contends he was talking about the 47% in
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a political context in terms of the election. hard to separate the two. john heilman, we'll talk to you in a few minutes on morning joe. overseas, the u.s. military says most joint operations with american and afghan soldiers are suspended now until further notice. the move comes amid an alarming string of insider attacks. four american soldiers were left dead. yesterday nato announced scaling back joint operations with afghan security forces. the joint combat patrols seen as a critical part of the u.s. plan to withdraw from afghanistan by the end of 2014 and turn over the security of that country to its own forces. just a few hours ago now in the capital of kabul, nine people were killed when the suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a minibus believed to be carrying foreign aviation workers. an afghan insurgent group claimed responsibility calling it reit will yags for the anti-islam video.
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atia abawi is is in kabul for us. what's the latest on the ground there? >> good morning, willie. as you mentioned, there was a suicide blast in the capital kabul outside of the airport on airport road. it seemed to target a minibus carrying foreigners, primarily south africans. we don't know the nationalities of the rest killed in the attack. there were five south africans. a group, insurgent group in afghanistan took responsibility saying this was to avenge the anti-islamic film that caused outrage in the majority of the muslim world. the taliban, a different group also using that video, that film as an excuse to attack foreign forces. the eight service members that died over the weekend, the taliban said it was to avenge that same film. as you mentioned, six out of those eight killed this weekend were because of insider attacks. yesterday, the pentagon announced that they're going to suspend most joint u.s. and afghan operations. that's patrols that they go out on. that's units -- that's different
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groups of afghans and americans trying to work together, trying to fight the insurgency. it was america's ticket out in 2014 to have these afghans ready to take security of their own country. but if they halt those missions, everything is in question and will america be ready to withdraw with a successful end to the war here? willie in. >> big breakdown in trust for obvious reasons two years ahead of our supposed withdrawal date. atia abawi live in kabul. thanks so much. 350,000 public school students in chicago will miss now a seventh day of classes as the teachers union remains on strike. mayor rahm emanuel unable to get a judge to quickly order the teachers back to classrooms by way of injunction. court hearings scheduled now for tomorrow. it may not matter. delegates are set to meet today to decide whether or not to end the walkout. they've spent two days reading over a tentative proposal that most admit is a winning deal.
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it includes pay raises, reduces the influence of test scores on teacher evaluations and includes an appeal process to contest evaluations. peyton manning throws three picks in the first quarter alone. somehow the game got close in the end. highlights of monday night football ahead on sports. never a good day when you have a mugshot and a black eye in the mugshot. we'll tell you how snowboarding superstar shaun white ended up in this glamour picture. get your check on weather as well when way too early comes right back. drie patty hearst was picked up today. she has been missing for 19 months. first she was kidnapped and then she announced she joined ranks
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welcome back to way too early. that's a beautiful live picture of the jefferson memorial at 5:44 in the more than. let get a check of your weather from dylan dreyer back with us this morning. good morning, dylan. >> good morning to you. it looks pretty right now. but we're talking about a wet day across the east coast. we are going to see about 2 to 3 inches of rain possible. it is now starting to move into the new york city area. we're going to see it spread basically from northern new england all the way into the gulf coast states. we could end up with severe weather later on today as well. the reason it's a cold front moving in. it's streaming in moisture from the gulf of mexico. we have that potential for heavier downpours. it comes with warm air. it's going to be one of those humid feeling days where the rain is just coming down. we are looking for mid to late afternoon is our time frame for more severe storms to develop.
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we could end up with wind gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour across the east coast. we could end up with a chance of isolated tornadoes possible anywhere from western connecticut down through new jersey, down through pennsylvania and also stretching into the capital region as well. as we go into tomorrow, we're actually going to see things clear out. some rain in the morning. but we will see increasing sunshine by wednesday afternoon. that should stick around as we head into the upcoming weekend. willie? >> sounds good, dylan. thanks so much. turn to sports now. the peyton manning led broncos were hailed at super bowl contenders after the week one win over the steelers. last night's game against the falcons giving people pause. still a little work do in denver. manning looking for his man. third and long. he's picked off by william moore. moore returns it to the one. michael turner punches it in. an early 7-0 lead for the falcons. manning throwing over the middle. it goes the other way.
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falcons added a field goal there. that made it 10-0. we're still in the first quarter. broncos started to put a drive together, but manning off target again. robert mcclain to pick it off. he weaves through the defense and a nice return. just the second time in peyton manning's pro career he's thrown three picks in the opening quarter. three in the first quarter. falcons kicked a field goal there. put them up 13-0 all off those picks. the only people having a worse night than peyton manning, the replacement refs. atlanta pounces on the ball after this play. but the officials lose control. can't get the scrum apart. a little fight breaks out on the field. that led to a six-minute delay during which the officiating crew sorts things out. so much confusion with penalties in this one, the first half lasted more than two hours alone. third quarter, matt ryan rolls out to rod i white. 27-7 after the second point.
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the 100 passing touchdown of ryan's career. broncos made a late push. tried to come back but the falcons hang on to win 27-21 on a bad night for that guy, peyton manning. orioles facing the mariners trying to gain on the yankees in the a.l. east. first batter of the game. nate mcclouse deep over the wall. that gives the orioles the early lead. they're already up big in the fourth when there's a two-run opposite field shot. made it 9-1. the orioles roll all oversee at. 10-4. now just a half game back of the yankees for the division lead. the o's play in seattle tonight. the yankees begin a series in the bronx with the jays. tigers and white sox still battling. white sox down. chopper to short. should be a double play ball. oh, no. the flow is wild. the go ahead run scores. white sox win 5-4. extend the division lead over
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the tigers to three games. i'm not sure how your weekend went. but if you made it to monday morning without getting arrested at the hospital, it's fair to say your weekend was better than that of snowboarding champion shaun white. took a turn for the worse early sunday morning when police were called to a nashville hotel after white allegedly pulled the fire alarm causing the building to be evacuated at 2:00 in the morning. white then tried to leave the scene in a cab according to police. when a hotel guest tried to stop him, white kicked the man and ran away. the two collided sending one of the most agile athletes crashing into a fence giving him that black eye. he faces charges, public intoxication and vandalism after he refused to sign a misdemeanor citation. coming up at the top of the hour on morning joe, mitt romney on a videotape recorded secretly at a fundraiser. talks about the 47% or so his
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campaign has written off. some say it disqualifies him from being president. romney not backing down. we'll assess the damage with our morning joe crew. plus. financial straits remain dire. >> i did not star the fire. >> i if you choose to vote for me. >> i will not -- >> i am ready to go all the way baby. >> please hammer, don't hurt him. the president does a version of you can't touch this when "way too early" comes right back. what do we got here? >> mitt romney strikes me so hard, makes me feel like shirl ir shah rad. >> out of context. those words aren't mine. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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we told you at the top of the show a video showing mitt romney telling supporters in private that 47% of americans pay no income tax was posted online by the progressive outlet mother jones forcing romney to address the matter in a news conference last night. though the figure is in line with the tax policy center's findings on federal tax payment, most households did end up paying some tax on their earnings. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends, according to the tax policy center. only 18.1% of households paid neither income tax nor payroll tax in 2011. of that 18.1% more than half were elderly who already paid in over the course of their lives and most of those who weren't
5:54 am
elderly had income under $20,000. let's huddle up to watch president obama get the you-tube mash-up treatment when clips from his speeches spliced together set to music. you remember this video from march of former governor mitt romney and eminem. >> act like the you haven't seen a mormon before. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. got wrong. sorry, that's not what i meant. i want every american to be in the top 1%. >> i'm named will yard. that's my first name. i like being able to fire people imt you're fired. i'm rick santorum you're fired. with regards to abortion, you can choose your own -- i'm more concerned about the banks. that are unable to lend. corporations are people, my friend. my dog is on the roof, my dog is on the roof. i made a lot of money. i drive a couple of cadillacs actually. i have emotion and passion. if you want the soul of america restored, come on boardment thaek your fair share and every mormon raise your underwear.
5:55 am
i'm mitt romney and the real romney. >> so that was back in march. the creator of that video, australian lawyer hugh at kin released his latest mash-up featuring president obama and mc hammer. >> ♪ didn't build that. you didn't build that. oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ didn't build that. what do we got here. >> for shooting marshmallows. >> mitt romney strikes me so hard, those words mine. feels good when the economy is weak. responding with a national security leak. osama bin laden, i killed. that was a mission you didn't build ♪ didn't build that. didn't build that. you didn't build that. >> if you've given $3 before, i'm asking again for a few dollars more. clint eastwood and the empty chair would be better than this
5:56 am
republican pair. let's rap together. >> you've got a lot to learn, mr. ryan. >> maybe it's just a prieter shade of palin. super paccing. here is a woman that killed an attack ad. ♪ didn't build that. didn't build that. i want everybody to give a huge round of applause to one of the best jennifer granholm. ♪ >> stop. obama time. >> wow. sneaks in clint eastwood and jennifer granholm. still ahead, why are you awake? texts and tweets just moments away. ♪ [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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we asked you at the top of the show what could you be doing up on this hour. john tower has answers. what do you have? >> rocket science 61. i am awake to take my dog to surgery. cost it $6,000. kept me up all


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